Transportation - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SLCReservedParkingEV.jpgSalt Lake City has installed a number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use. Locations of these charging stations are listed below.  

New Level 2 Stations in February 2017: Salt Lake City is in the process of installing new public Level 2 EV charging stations. These stations will be installed at roughly 11 separate locations.  These new stations will replace all existing Level 2 stations operated by the City, in addition to being added at some new sites.

Level 3 stations are currently free as well, but a fee schedule has been approved and will be implemented shortly. Approved fee is $2.00 per charging session plus $.20 per kWh.

There is a 2-hour time limit for parking in EV charging stalls and vehicles must be charging while parked.

Street Address Other Information Charging Info*

255 E

500 South

Fee schedule will be applied on February 9, 2016 - $2.00 per charging session plus $.20 per kWh. 


These stations are now on the Greenlots charging network. Use the Greenlots Smartphone app (available for Android & iPhone) to initiate a charging session. Users can also contact Greenlots customer support at (888) 751-8560.

One Level 3 station incluedes both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo ports; the second station includes just a CHAdeMO port. On-street metered parking stalls. 500 South is a one-way street heading west. 

Two Stations

Level 3 (480 Volt)

*Manufacturer Information

Level 3 Stations: ABB Terra 53 units (50 kW) serve vehicles with both the CHAdeMO and CCS (combo) standards

To locate additional alternative fuel fueling stations in your area, visit the Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Station Locator, CarStations or PlugShare.