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Pending Zoning Change Impacting the AG Zoning District

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Recently Adopted Master Plans

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Welcome to Salt Lake City Planning Division

The Salt Lake City Planning Division is responsible for:

  • Creating land use development codes and their implementation.
  • Developing Master Plans to provide visions and goals for future development in the City.

  • Creating and implementing the City’s Zoning Ordinance to ensure that minimum development standards are met.

  • Creating and implementing the Subdivision Ordinance to ensure the division of land is carried out in a way that ensures adequate sized lots for development and access to the property.

  • Protecting districts and sites of historic significance.

  • Reviewing current planning applications to ensure orderly development.


Salt Lake City Planning Division

Historic Preservation

The Salt Lake City Historic Preservation Program is committed to improving the array of tools, programs and incentives available to protect the City’s architecture, commercial and residential development, cultural landscapes and archaeology for future and current generations.

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Citizen Participation

Citizen Participation plays a major role in the planning process.  Citizens can participate in a number of different ways from the complex process of creating a Master Plan to the simple review of a Special Exception.

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