Transportation - 600 East Neighborhood Byway

600 East Neighborhood Byway

Under construction in 2015, the 600 East Neighborhood Byway, extending from South Temple to 2700 South, will be the first bicycle and pedestrian facility of its kind in Utah. You can download our One-Page Project Description on this project, or read on for more information.

This Summer's Construction Includes:

  • Pedestrian & bicycle crossing signals for 600 East at 900 S, 1300 S (upgrade), and 2100 S. Each of these signals will be a TOUCAN design, with center medians and right-turn only vehicle diverters.
  • Curb extensions at 1700 South.
  • Bicycle "shared lane" symbols on 600 East from South Temple to 2700 S, except for 3 blocks from 300 S to 600 S.
  • Speed limit reduced to 20 mph.

Changes to Parking: The vast majority of parking will not be affected at all. There will be very minor changes to parking near major intersections - the Transportation Division has been working directly with adjacent property owners who are affected.

There will not be a striped bike lane on most of the corridor; this is a shared street.

Future Construction Includes:

  • Pedestrian - and bicyclist - activated flashing warning signs at 1700 South and 800 South.
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist refuge islands at 800 South.
  • A striped bike land from 600 South to 300 South. Parking will be kept.

In short, a neighborhood byway is a great neighborhood street, with pedestrian and bicycle connectivity. The 600 East Neighborhood Byway will connect to the City's downtown bikeway network and to urban trails, both east and west.

More Information:

The new 600 East Neighborhood Byway will provide a unique walking and bicycling experience for all ages and abilities and should become a valued asset to the community.

If you would like to submit comments on the proposed 600 East Neighborhood Byway, please email: