Transportation - U to Downtown Bikeway Project Overview

Project Overview

The bikeway links 300 South bike lanes, 600 East Neighborhood byway, and the University of Utah, in the area shown on the map below.

The route includes sections of 200 South, 300 South, and 400 South, along with selected quieter streets to essentially make  two switchbacks up the fault-line hill.

Faster and fitter bicyclists may wish to beeline up 200 South, or take the "intermediate" route on 300 South to 400 South. Bicyclists who want the easiest way up or down the hill may wish to follow the "green" route for the easiest way up the hill - including two switchbacks.

In keeping with Salt Lake City's moniker as the "Ski City", these routes are designated as green (easiest), blue (intermediate), and black diamond (expert), as shown on the map below:

View this PDF for additional background and context.

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