Helping Neighbors with Sidewalk Snow Removal

People who are elderly or people with disabilities may need assistance with meeting their obligation as property owners to remove snow from adjacent city sidewalks. The Mayor’s Office encourages residents to be aware of neighbors who may need help with snow removal. Reach out and provide a helping hand. You will benefit your neighbor, pedestrians who use the sidewalk, and yourself as you give service.

But why does the City not give an exemption to people with disabilities? The City does provide a grace period for people with disabilities in violation of the snow removal requirement. However, as a community, we have a duty to keep the pedestrian right-of-way open for all people, especially for young children, older adults, and people with disabilities. For some people who rely on the pedestrian right-of-way for their transportation, a snowy sidewalk could prove to be a major barrier that would severely limit a person’s mobility.