SLCgreen - Recycling & Waste

Within the last 35 years, the amount of waste each person creates has almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.6 pounds per day. In a sustainable community, waste is not a problem to be disposed of, but a resource to be used and reused.

Responsible waste management involves:

  • Reduction of waste
  • Reuse of waste materials
  • Recycling of goods
  • Buying products made from recycled content

These actions save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing the consumption of raw materials and energy used during manufacturing, transportation and disposal.

Missed pickup? Broken bin? Information on your Recycling and Waste services.

Sustainable Salt Lake Plan 2015: Recycling & Materials Management (PDF)

Salt Lake City manages its material resources responsibly - reducing and preventing waste, reusing and recycling materials and using products made from recycled content.

Reduce & Reuse

More than 1,300 tons of garbage is buried in the Salt Lake Valley Landfill every day. Everyone can reduce waste by incorporating some simple choices to everyday shopping patterns. 

Recycling & Waste Services

Information on Salt Lake City's curbside recycling, glass recycling, hazardous waste disposal, electronics recycling and business and multi-family recycling. 

Curbside (Yard Waste) & Home Compost

The City's Compost Program is now provided year round to divert compostable yard and vegetative (fruit and vegetable) waste from the city's landfill.

Neighborhood Cleanup Program

Information on Salt Lake City's annual Neighborhood Cleanup Program.

Special Events: Waste Management

Information on the Special Events Waste Management Plan, post assessment and best practices.