SLCgreen - Curbside Compost Program

Curbside Compost (Yard Waste) Program

The City's Compost Program is offered year round to divert compostable yard and vegetative (fruit and vegetable) waste from the city's landfill. Material is delivered to the city landfill compost operation where it is composted.

There is no additional fee for this service. The costs to provide all waste collection services (including garbage, recycling, yard waste, neighborhood cleanup and glass recycling) are included in your monthly garbage fee.

Download the SLC Curbside Services Brochure (PDF).

Yes! Acceptable Items



Leaves   Biodegradable/compostable packaging
(our compost facility won't accept them)
Fruits and vegetables (raw/uncontaminated)   Paper, napkins, paper plates, towels, paper bags
Lawn clippings   Dairy
Eggshells   Construction material, lumber and sawdust
Tree branches   Plastic bags
Weeds   Meat or bones
Coffee grounds (no filters)   Animal waste
Tea bags   Dirt (The container will break if it's too heavy)


Curbside Leaf-Only Collection

Learn more about the City's special leaves-only cans, available by request every fall.


Holiday Tree Collection


Home Composting

Learn more about your options for home composting.