SLCgreen - Curbside Compost Program

Curbside Compost (Yard Waste) Program

The City's Compost Program is offered year round to divert compostable yard and vegetative (fruit and vegetable) waste from the city's landfill. Material is delivered to the city landfill compost operation where it is composted.

There is no additional fee for this service. The costs to provide all waste collection services (including garbage, recycling, yard waste, neighborhood cleanup and glass recycling) are included in your monthly garbage fee.

Composting is nature's way of recycling. You can turn fruit, vegetables and yard waste into dark, crumbly, sweet-smelling soil amendment. Composting saves you money by lowering your garbage bill and avoiding the purchase of commercial fertilizers. The addition of compost helps your garden and plants, saves water and, by keeping it out of your garbage bin, saves landfill space.

Salt Lake City's addition of the tan, green waste bins allows all Salt Lake City residents to compost.

Click here to download a printable poster (PDF)

Yes! Acceptable Items



Leaves   Biodegradable/compostable packaging
(our compost facility won't accept them)
Fruits and vegetables (raw/uncontaminated)   Paper, napkins, paper plates, towels, paper bags
Lawn clippings   Dairy
Eggshells   Construction material, lumber and sawdust
Tree branches   Plastic bags
Weeds   Meat or bones
Coffee grounds (no filters)   Animal waste
Tea bags   Dirt (The container will break if it's too heavy)



Curbside Leaf-Only Collection

The City's Yard Waste Program is available year round to divert compostable yard waste, including leaves, from the city's landfill. 

Fall Leaf Collection - How it Works

  • Place all leaves in your tan yard waste container, WITHOUT BAGS, for weekly collection.

  • Do not rake (or blow) your leaves into the street or gutter.  Debris left in the streets and gutters is bad for the stormwater system.  It leads to deterioration of water quality, street flooding and icing problems.

  • Leaves and yard waste from the tan container will be delivered to the city landfill compost operation.

Have A LOT of Leaves?

  • Try composting leaves in your own yard, in a compost bin or mulching them into your flower beds or gardens. 

  • Rather than a chore to be conquered all at once, rake enough leaves each week just to fill the container.

  • Temporarily store extra leaves in your yard, in a pile, or in a large sturdy container and feed them into your yard waste container each week.

LEAVES ONLY Containers

  • Every fall you can request a yard waste container for LEAVES ONLY, by calling (801) 535-6999 or emailing Remember to include your phone number and address. 

  • Requests will not be taken before this date in order to allow all residents equal opportunity. Containers will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • There will be no charge for the LEAVES ONLY container.

  • The LEAVES ONLY container will be collected weekly, on the same day as garbage collection day.

  • When you are done using the LEAVES ONLY container, call us at (801) 535-6999 so we can let another resident use it.

  • All LEAVES ONLY containers will be retrieved from the curbside in early January.


Holiday Tree Collection

Containerized Collection

Residents are encouraged to use the yard waste container to dispose of their holiday tree. We will be servicing yard waste containers year-round.

Curbside Collection

Holiday trees will also be collected from the curb for two weeks in January. Remove lights and other decorations before placing the tree in your yard waste container or at the curb.

For more information call (801) 535-6999 or email


Home Composting

There are many methods of home composting. Learn more.