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Permitting Resources

SLC Park Maps
The following are maps of commonly used SLC Parks that you may use to create your site map:
Subcontractor Checklist (download document)
Beginning 2014 - for the larger events that take place on Library Plaza, Washington Square, and some parks, there will be an additional requirement with the conditional permit checklist. You will need to provide a schedule of subcontractor deliveries (dates and times) along with contact information for that sub (name and phone number of foreman).
Waste Management Plan (submit online application)
SLC Division of Waste & Recycling
Contact: 801-535-6984
Alcohol Concession Agreement/Lease Rental Agreement
SLC Real Estate Services
Contact: 801-535-7133
ADA Compliance Plan
Special Event ADA Compliance information is found here.
ADA Coordinator: Christine Passey, 801-535-7110 or 
*For ADA Accommodations at SLC Events, please contact Christine Passey.
Mass Gatherings Regulations, Fees, and Permits
Please visit the Salt Lake Valley Health Department website for all the information about mass gathering permits and food handling permits.
UT State Film Commission
Visit their website for pertinent information about filming in Utah.
Salt Lake City Fire Department Permits
If you plan to have tents, other structures, or open fires you will need to contact SLCFD at this website.

Event Resources

Use of the City & County Building for Events
Click here to learn more about rental fees, scheduling, and application forms.
Salt Lake City Police Department's Road Closures and Routes
Click here to learn more about up coming events that may affect your travel plans.
Homeless Outreach
Please read this info before submitting an application to hand out food or clothing to the homeless.

Reporting a Non-permitted Event

If you encounter a special event (on City property, usually open to the public; often with vendors and/or music) that does not have a Special Event Permit, or is breaking the Salt Lake City Noise Ordinance by being too loud, you can report them to:
Salt Lake City Police Department Dispatch at 801-799-3000
We LOVE our Salt Lake City events, we just want to ensure that they are conducted in a manner that adds to the vibrancy and livability of the City, rather than have them cause disruption or potential safety hazards to our community.

Links and Listings for Local Events