SLC Events - Applications

Permit Applications and Instructions

As of December 2016, The SLC Event Permitting Office is now accepting online permit applications! Please click on the individual permit types below to access the instructions and application you need to submit.  Make sure to include a detailed site map when you submit your application to us.

Special Event Permit - concerts, festivals, races, cycling, fun runs/walks, market, etc.
Free Expression Permit - demonstrations, marches, protests, homeless outreach, etc.
Film/Photo Permit - 1 permit covers up to 3 locations
Block Party PermitAn outdoor party put on by residents of a neighborhood that is located on a single block face, does not block an intersection, and requires temporarily closing down a street, sidewalk, or other city property.  (the below information does not apply for block parties)
  • As of July 2016, the Special Event and Film Permit processing fee has increased from $110 to $112 and the Free Expression Permit processing fee has increased from $5 to $6.  Payment of the processing fee does NOT guarantee a Final Permit. The processing fee is strictly for entering your application into the permit process for further review. The fee is non-refundable.  
  • If you want to host an event in a Salt Lake City park, you must call the Parks Department (801-972-7800) first to ensure the date you request is available. 

Disclaimer Information:

  • AGREEMENT: By submitting the Salt Lake City Corp. Special Event Permit Application, applicant is held responsible for all information, requirements, and disclaimers found within the Special Event, Free Expression or Film Instructions.
  • COST RECOVERY: Be aware that you could incur costs for any services provided beyond “basic city services.” An Estimate of Cost Recovery form will be provided to you before the event. A permit will not be issued until the cost of the estimate has been paid or security is posted. Additional city services could include, but are not limited to, police services, park cleanup, and/or extraneous administrative work because of changes after application submittal. Final Accounting will be settled after your event and could result in a refund or additional invoice.
  • MARKETING MATERIAL: The City will not be responsible for those printed materials, promotional items, etc. if dates, locations, and/or other requested services are denied, amended, or changed during the permit process.
  • INSURANCE INSTRUCTIONS: Depending on the size of your event, you may be required to possess or obtain special event commercial general liability insurance.  We will include insurance information in your Conditional Checklist if it is required.