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Question Number One – Move to Amend (MTA)

Results of Move To Amend Local Opinion Question

Other Information

In May, 2012, Move to Amend Salt Lake gathered sufficient voter signatures on an initiative petition declaring that “Only human beings, not corporations, are endowed with constitutional rights,” and “Money is not speech and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.” Salt Lake City rejected the initiative because, if passed, it would not result in a law.  On March 1, 2013, the Move To Amend group requested a local opinion question be presented to the registered voters of Salt Lake City.  MTA's request.

Resolution 16 of 2013 - April 23, 2013, Designating the time and method for submitting Local Opinion Question Number One to Salt Lake City registered voters.

Public Notice - On May 3, 2013, an official public notice was published in the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, as well as posted on the City Recorder and Utah Public Notice Websites. 

Voter Information Pamphlet - This pamphlet presented arguments supporting and opposing the Opinion question.