Project Skyline

Newsflash: City Announces Project Skyline Challenge Award Winners

Project Skyline is a cornerstone initiative of Sustainable Salt Lake – Plan 2015, the Mayor’s blueprint to improve air quality, boost economic development and improve livability in Salt Lake City. 
The initiative is designed to dramatically cut energy waste in Salt Lake City’s buildings — saving money for businesses and the city. 
Project Skyline will accelerate investment in energy efficiency and raise public awareness of building energy performance, while creating jobs and fostering a stronger Salt Lake City economy. 
Beginning with the Mayor’s Skyline Challenge, building owners across the city will be encouraged to proactively meet – and exceed – the air quality and energy-saving targets of Sustainable Salt Lake – Plan 2015 by evaluating their building’s energy use, setting energy savings goals, and conducting energy-saving improvement projects.
Engaging Salt Lake City’s business leaders. Create a platform for building owners, property managers, and tenants to shape the next-generation of energy efficiency strategies.  Supporting Workforce Development. Get professional certification in building energy operations at reduced rates, supported by Rocky Mountain Power.
Advancing the business case for efficiency.  Highlighting the compelling benefits of saving energy while also developing local financing options for building owners that wish to pursue energy projects. Leading by example. Showcasing how Salt Lake City is leading the way by setting aggressive energy targets, curbing energy waste in city operations, and delivering the best value for the taxpayer. 


Learn more about Project Skyline from Mayor Becker