Salt Lake City

Classroom Management in the Outdoors

Trails & Natural Lands Professional Development:
Classroom Management in the Outdoors

Investigative/exploratory learning, behavioral management, cross-curricular connections and playing in the dirt!
Educational Mission
The Salt Lake City Trails & Natural Lands Program helps city residents build a relationship with the outdoors while encouraging critical thinking and environmental literacy by facilitating personal experiences with the natural world.
Educational Vision
A city where educators are empowered and comfortable connecting their students to the outdoors to explore and develop meaningful relationships with the land, water and life around them through shared experiences with each other and nature.
Our goal is to provide free, quality professional development to K-12 educators to teach them how to manage students in our Open Spaces, utilizing the natural parks as outdoor classrooms. 
  • Earn licensure credits 
  • Gain behavioral management skills and methods for building outdoor classroom culture! 
  • Gather new curriculum and lesson plan resources aligned with state standards 
  • Learn about local environmental agencies and resources to broaden partnerships and learning opportunities
What makes our program unique from other nature-based PD opportunities is the overarching goal. We provide teachers with the tools and skills to manage students out of doors. Designed to connect the classroom with the outdoors while providing teachers with a plethora of resources, our professional development workshops enrich learning opportunities for students. This includes establishing expectations, developing behavioral management techniques and building classroom culture, while exploring investigative and exploratory learning frameworks. 
While we may provide lesson plans, we know teachers are experts in their curriculum requirements, thus we spend more time on how to structure an impactful experience outside. These workshops are for all subject areas and specialties including general classroom teachers, enrichment teachers and special education teachers. 
Participants will receive four re-licensure credits for attending. The cool thing about our workshops is the variety in location and resources available so no one workshop will be alike. With this said, teachers can attend more than one, knowing they will walk away with different tools. 
This is an ever evolving, multi-faceted, collaborative program and we hope you attend! Click on the link below to sign up for one of our upcoming sessions!