Salt Lake City's Open Space Lands Program

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Open Space Lands Program is  to provide stewardship of Salt Lake City's natural lands in a manner that protects native vegetation, water quality, and aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat while providing appropriate access and educational opportunities for the public. It works alongside City goals to preserve natural areas, increase access to parks, and enhance trail and open space connectivity. 

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Open Spaces

Salt Lake City’s location between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake brings the mountains, foothills and valley lowland environments to merge into its urban context, enhancing our quality of life. Open space, parks and trails in Salt Lake City provide exceptional outdoor opportunities to recreate, connect with nature, and build communities while supporting a healthy environment. Check out Salt Lake City's marvelous open space properties and active projects.

Current Items of Interest

Resources for Educators

SLC Foothills Trail Plan

The goal of the foothill trail system plan is to create a non-motorized, world-class recreational mountain trail system at the edge of Salt Lake City. For more details click here.

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