Utility Rate Study

Utility Rate Study

Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (SLCPU) is about to embark on a rate study to ensure rates are formulated to continue the delivery of excellent service to ratepayers. This study will deeply examine issues of financial health, sustainability, and affordability; identify areas of the current rate approach that could be improved; and craft strategies to execute those improvements.

Utility Rate Advisory Committee (RAC)

Committee Mission

The mission of the Rate Advisory Committee (RAC) is to assemble a diversity of perspectives that represent the community to evaluate and advise on the water, sewer, and storm water rate structures.

Committee Purpose

Salt Lake City periodically updates water, sewer and storm water utility rates to ensure they are current and reflect community values. Salt Lake City believes strongly that the community should have a voice in decisions that affect them. The Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities RAC has the unique opportunity to help develop this rate study, leading to improvements that will have a positive impact on the community for decades to come. The RAC has two overarching purposes:
1. To provide input, including recommendations to the Public Utilities Advisory Committee, Salt Lake City Mayor and Council.
2. To represent and communicate the views of the community.

What is a Rate Structure?

This study is examining the current rate structure and seeking opportunities for improvement. But what is a rate structure? Rate structure refers to how rates are charged, not the actual rates. An example of one element of rate structure that most Public Utilities ratepayers are likely familiar with is the block rates for water use. 

Public Engagement – How can I get involved?

As outlined above, RAC members are volunteering to actively serve as representatives of the broader community. We encourage RAC members to consult members of their communities and to bring that feedback and input into the rate study process. 
Please feel free to contact the RAC member from your council district or interest group and discuss the process in detail with them. If members of the public have any questions about the process overall or aren’t sure who their RAC representative is, please call (801) 721-1438