Public Utilities Street Banners


The Salt Lake City Street Banner Program allows the placement of banners on certain utility poles by local non-profit organizations for the limited purpose of encouraging and promoting community identity, community organizations, community activities and events.
Eligible Participants
The city will accept applications for a permit to display street banners only from community organizations, city and county government, the State of Utah, or from government-owned educational institutions.
Approved Display Areas
Street banners may be placed on any existing utility poles that are located along designated arterial or collector streets, according to the adopted "Salt Lake City Transportation Master Plan Map" (major street plan; roadway functional classification) or on utility poles along Terminal Drive at the Salt Lake City International Airport, if done in compliance with requirements of City Ordinance 21A.46.170, Street Banners on Utility Poles in the Public Way.
Allowable Displays
The following displays are permitted on street banners:
•Advertisements or promotions of community organizations or community events;
•Advertisements or promotions of activities sponsored by the City, Salt Lake County, the State of Utah, or a government-owned educational institution; or
•Welcome messages, such as those for class reunions, conventions, conferences, athletic tournaments, or local winners of major events.
Non-allowable Displays
The following displays are not permitted on street banners:
•Personal messages;
•Promotion of a commercial for profit enterprise; or
•Advertisements for clubs, churches or for profit organizations promoting an event with an admission charge.
Application for Permit
Any person or entity who desires to display street banners to be located outside of the boundaries of a coordinated street banner program, shall submit an application to the Public Utilities Division. An application form must be submitted to the Public Utilities Division not more than six months nor less than two months before the first date the street banners are proposed to be displayed. An application fee of $50.00 is required with the submission of the application.
Street Banner and Hardware Standards
Street banners must be constructed of a material that can withstand the normal and reasonably expected forces of nature for the period of time they are displayed. The street banners shall not exceed an overall length of ninety-six inches and a width of thirty inches. Any hardware installed on utility poles to hold banners must first be approved by the Transportaion Division. All street banners and hardware shall be installed such that the top of the street banner is at least eighteen feet above the ground. If the street banner hangs over the traffic way, the top of the banner must be at least twenty-two feet above the ground.
Duration of Display
The street banners may be permitted to be in place for a period of at least seven days, but not more than thirty days. As long as no other applicant has applied for permission to place street banners in the same location, that initial thirty day maximum period may be extended for additional periods of thirty days.
Installation, Maintenance and Removal
Street banners and any hardware necessary to display them may be installed only by a licensed contractor approved by the City. Except as may be otherwise determined by the City, the applicant is responsible for all costs associated with installation, maintenance and removal of street banners and any hardware necessary to display them. The applicant is also responsible for any damage that may occur to the street banners, hardware, or utility poles while the street banners are being installed, displayed or removed.
City Ordinance
The use of street banners is regulated by City Ordinance 21A.46.170, Street Banners on Utility Poles in the Public Way.