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Welcome to Salt Lake City’s Online Job Application System

Thank you for visiting Salt Lake City’s Job Center. Below are steps to help you in applying and monitoring your application:

Step One  Create an Application Profile: All job seekers are required to create a user profile when using our system for the first time. Visit the “Current City Job Openings” section below and select the view list. This will take you to the “City Jobs” page.  On the upper right side of the screen (in the blue banner area) you will find a “Login and/or Create a Profile” section. Select the “Create a Profile” section to start.     
Step Two  Upload or Type a Resume: While at the “My Account” screen, you may upload a personal resume or type a description about your qualifications, education and experience.  Once entered, the information you provide is saved.  
Step Three – Apply For Jobs: From your “My Account” screen, you can view and apply for a current job opening by selecting the “Current List” section (on the top left of the screen). As you read a specific job announcement you will find an “Apply” box at the bottom of the announcement. Select the “Apply” box and the system will submit your “Profile” information.  The system will ask, if you wish to “edit” your information. This is a good time to view/confirm the information being submitted.
*Remember, if you have not created a user profile, you will need to do so before you can apply.
Step Four – Update Profile/Check Job Status/Apply for New Jobs: Update Profile/Check Job Status/Apply for New Jobs:  Job seekers can update their profile, review an application submitted, check the job status of an application and/or apply for a new job by selecting the “Login” section of the “City Jobs” page.  (See step One). On the “My Account” screen, (see yellow notice). Select “Applied Positions” tab. There you will find the position(s) you have applied for and their status.   If job status is “Open” you can select the bid number to modify the information you’ve submitted. If you’ve applied for the wrong job, you can delete that application and re-apply for the correct position. When the job status is “Closed” no other changes can be made. 
The “Job Status” is a sure way to keep informed on the status of your application. “Under review” means the application is in the hands of the hiring manager who is determining who will be interviewed/hired.  Finally, make sure to “log out” of the system.
Thank you for your interest in employment with Salt Lake City Corporation, Utah’s premiere public employer.

Current City Job Openings

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep the City running smoothly? Our database of job descriptions is available for your research and information. For open and available positions, see Current City Job Openings.

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Want to learn more about working for Salt Lake City? View our compensation guidelines, procedures and personnel policies here. You can also see our salary schedules, read about city benefits and their costs and search through our series contracts.

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Need to talk to us?  You can call 801-535-7900 during business hours or you can send us an email with your question to   Please do not use this section to apply for a job; instead visit the Current City Job Openings Section above.


Salt Lake City is committed to creating an environment that promotes diversity. Towards that end, we produce a number of important reports that we use to monitor our workforce diversity status.  This includes our voluntary Summary of Demographic Information for Employees along with others.

Check out our reports here:  SLC Demographic Report for 2013, 2012 EEOP for Salt Lake City.