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Historic Preservation is a process of protecting local history through identification of unique places that tell “our” story. Salt Lake City’s Historic Preservation Program aims to preserve those areas of the City that are uniquely historic and tell the story of the City’s historic past through spaces and structures, while also providing tools to stabilize neighborhoods and areas within the City that are connected by community character more than a specific historic uniqueness.

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Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) is an independent federal agency that promotes the preservation, enhancement, and productive use of our nation's historic resources, and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy. The ACHP has web-available studies on the Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation.



Profits Through Preservation- The Economic Impact of Historic Preservation in Utah

“Historic preservation in Utah is not about putting a fence around monuments. The historic resources of Utah are part of the daily lives of its citizens. However, the historic resources of Utah are also providing a broad, significant contribution to the economic health of this state.”

The study looks at jobs, heritage tourism, property values, environmental responsibility, downtown revitalization, and issues of fiscal responsibility.

Rehabilitation & Infill Design in the Capitol Hill Historic District

  • Preservation at Work Project House - 528 Arctic Court &

  • Design Competition – 524 Arctic Court

The overall redevelopment of the Marmalade Block and Arctic Court is currently underway, starting with the new Marmalade Public Library, which is now open. The Marmalade Block is between 500 North and 600 North and between 300 West and Arctic Court. In early 2015, the RDA purchased the properties at 524 and 528 Arctic Court in Salt Lake City in support of the overall redevelopment of the area. The existing home at 528 Arctic Court is the second Preservation at Work Project House, a joint historic renovation project between Utah Heritage Foundation (UHF) and the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency (RDA). The property at 524 Arctic Court is presently a vacant lot and is the subject of a current Design Competition.

  • A Design Competition was held on proposed new home at 524 Artic Court.

The different ideas that were submitted:  http://review.wizehive.com/contests/design-competition

First Preservation at Work Project House  -  571 Pugsley Street. The first Preservation at Work partnership project between Utah Heritage Foundation and the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency used funds from both organizations to target historic homes for rehab. Following the successful outcome of this project, the second Preservation at Work project house is on Arctic Court (details above). See the transformation of the Project House at 571 N. Pugsley Street, Salt Lake City, at the following link. http://www.utahheritagefoundation.org/preservation-resources/patw/item/874-pugsley#.VowTENJVhBc


Proposed New Local Historic Districts


  • There are no applications at this time information will be updated as it becomes available.


Recently Approved Local Historic Districts  (Designation Ordinance)

Harvard Park (1700 Block of Harvard Avenue) approved December 2014

Princeton Park (1700 Block of Princeton Avenue)

Upper Harvard Yale Park Plat A (Between 1500 E to 1700 E on Harvard Avenue)

Normandie Circle

City Creek (Memory Grove)

Yalecrest - Harvard Heights Local Historic District