Free Expression Permit Application


Please use the following links to submit a Free Expression Permit Application no later than 30 days prior to your event:

Free Expression Instructions
Free Expression Application (Google Form)

PLEASE NOTE: Your activity is not approved until you complete the entire permit process. The City will not be responsible for those printed materials, promotional items, etc. if dates, locations and/or other requested service are denied, amended or changed during the permit process.  The deadline for Free Expression Applications is 30 days prior to your event but we strongly recommend applying as early as possible.  The earliest you may apply for your activity is a year prior to the date you wish to request.

Spontaneous Free Expression

Spontaneous Free Expressions are defined as activities occurring due to news or affairs coming into public knowledge fewer than 14 days before the activity. Spontaneous Free Expression activities do not pay the processing fee and do not receive a Final Permit.

If you are planning a spontaneous activity, please complete the form below to notify Salt Lake City about your activity. Once your form is submitted, the Event Permitting Office will follow up shortly after to confirm if any coordination with our Event Review Committee needs to take place.

Spontaneous Free Expression Notification (Google Form) 

Homeless Outreach Events

If you are interested in providing outreach to the homeless or other people in need, please consider that there are already excellent organizations in Salt Lake City that provide food, clothing, and other services to people in need. Together, these organizations already serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner nearly every day of the year, and they rely almost solely on donations and volunteers like you in order to do so. Providing assistance through these existing programs is the best way to give back in our community—and these organizations have a structure in place to utilize your time, goods, and money in the most efficient way possible. Please reach out to the following organizations to inquiry on how you can volunteer:

St. Vincent De Paul Dining Hall

Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

The Road Home

Salt Lake City Mission

If you are still interested in organizing your own independent outreach event, please use the link above to complete a Free Expression Permit Application. 


All events require a map in order to process. Please include any of the following that is applicable to your event:

1)  The specific area in the park/plaza you wish to use
2)  The name of streets, placement of barricades and/or road closures
3)  The areas where participants and vendors/merchants will park
4)  Vendor, booth and/or stage placement
5)  The areas where alcoholic beverages will be served 
6)  Fencing/scaffolding placement
7)  The exact route where participants will walk or run 
How to Create a Map:
1)  Google Map Maker: 
2)  Map My Run: 
3)  SLC Park Maps: (download & edit the map using programs like Word, Paint, Illustrator, etc.)
4)  Hand sketch your map (this must be legible)
How To Submit a Map:
Please email your map directly to with your event name in the subject line. PDF format is highly recommended. 


Due to a high volume of permit requests, we recommend visiting our FAQ page because most of your questions can be answered there.  If you still need further clarification on our process, please feel free to reach out to and our office will respond as soon as we can.

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