Fleet Facilities

Fleet Management's maintenance and repair facilities are centrally located in Salt Lake City. There are 50 vehicle repair bays in 115,900 square feet of floor space that include a heavy vehicle and equipment shop, light vehicle shop, parts warehouse, fleet Administration offices and 24 hour fueling facilities.



Fleet vehicles

There are a total of 4,281 pieces of equipment which comprise of 1,486 windshields and 2,795 heavy and light equipment that we maintain, service and repair. Salt Lake City's fleet consists of a variety of equipment from more than 80 different manufacturers, ranging from an American LaFrance Aerial Ladder Truck to a Zamboni ice sheet refinisher.



Service and Repair Activities

Maintenance and repair work is coordinated through a central customer service center. Our customer service advisor responds to questions and inquires from drivers and managers of all city departments. On average over 60 maintenance and repair work orders are written daily. A maintenance program is in place to ensure proper maintenance intervals for all vehicles and equipment.




Fleet Management has 40 full time employees, comprised of 27 repair technicians, 4 parts personnel and 9 service and administrative support personnel.


Environmental Issues

Fleet Management is actively participating in recycling the following materials: air-conditioning refrigerants, oils, antifreeze, batteries, tires, scrap metals and cardboard packaging.