Engineering - Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are dynamic maps that allow you to pan and zoom, turn map layers on and off, perform queries, measure distances, and more. These maps are served to the internet via Salt Lake City's internet map server.

Viewing Requirements

In order to use the maps you should be browsing with Internet Explorer 9.0 or greater, or current versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. No plug-ins are required to use these maps. The maps will open in a new window or tab depending upon your browser configuration.

Available Maps

Map Name


City Map General city map
Atlas Plat Index Download Atlas Plats for Salt Lake City
Citizen Representation City Council and Community Council District boundaries
City Improvement Projects Funded Salt Lake City improvement projects
Zoning Zoning information for Salt Lake City parcels
DISCLAIMER: All maps, data, information, or downloadable files are intended to be used as a visualization tool for various features within the city's limits. These materials are provided as is, with the city free of any and all liability associated with the use of GIS related materials contained within these web pages.