NWQuad: Timeline

Salt Lake City is unveiling a two-year timeline to complete the construction of the infrastructure “backbone” and develop an economic implementation plan (EIP) for the area.
Summer 2016: NW Quadrant Master Plan adopted by the City Council
Summer 2016: Mayor asks RDA Board to explore NW Quadrant project
December 2016: Economic Development Department meets with key stakeholders to help develop Economic Implementation Plan (EIP) for area, consistent with Master Plan
January 2017: Salt Lake City will release designs for infrastructure (water, sewer, lighting, fiber-optic) for initial “backbone”
January 2017: Draft EIP, with input from City Council and stakeholders, made available for public review
Summer/Fall 2017: Salt Lake City completes zoning recommendations for area*
Summer/Fall 2017: RDA Board and taxing entities make decision about the proposed Northwest Quadrant project area and adopt a project area plan and budget*
End of 2017: Master plan for future roadways completed*
Beginning 2018: Landowners can begin “marketing” land for development use
End of 2018: Construction completed on infrastructure “backbone”
End of 2020: Prison Construction completed (projected by State)
* Requires approval from City Council and/or other entities