NWQuad: Master Plan

The Northwest Quadrant presents Salt Lake City with a unique opportunity to develop a vast, new, sustainable area. Situated at the city’s far northwestern boundary, the space will be developed within three pivotal frameworks:
The Northwest Quadrant is located within minutes of the Salt Lake City International Airport, the International Center, interstate highways, and intercontinental railways. It will be an economic engine for the city, region, and state and focused on building a resilient and diverse local, regional, and global economy.
The area will be feature a high-quality, well-designed environment, and will incorporate and encourage sustainable building practices and alternative energy sources.
Transportation options will be well-connected and link people to jobs and other parts of the city by vehicle, rail, mass transit, air, bicycle, and foot.
The Northwest Quadrant will provide a place for people to work at good jobs, while also protecting natural resources and wildlife habitat for generations to come.