Made in Salt Lake City: NWQuad


Salt Lake City is marshaling resources to take advantage of a unique opportunity to build a sustainable economic engine that will benefit the city for generations to come. Over the next two years, city and state agencies will plan, design, and build an infrastructure backbone, as well as create an economic implementation plan for the Northwest Quadrant of the city—an area adjacent to I-80, Salt Lake City International Airport, and the International Center.

Most know the Northwest Quadrant as the site for the future state prison. While many of us continue to believe the location for the new prison is not ideal, the infrastructure coming online in conjunction with the prison construction brings an enormous job creation opportunity. 
Our plans are aggressive, to match the awesome opportunity before us. Throughout 2017, Salt Lake City will review and complete zoning considerations, develop a plan for future roadways, and complete the economic implementation plan providing data and information to help us build the strongest possible economic base in the area. This work will be thorough, and done with input from experts and stakeholders, including the public and City Council. Our goal is to complete the infrastructure backbone by the end of 2018, a full two-years before construction is completed on the new prison—allowing landowners ample time to market and sell their property.