Cultural Core Action Plan

The Cultural Core Action Plan has been adopted by both City and County Councils, click HERE to view it!



The project is a community-based process that will produce a five-year plan for attracting people to the Cultural Core. In 2010, the City and County of Salt Lake created a partnership to promote and develop arts and culture in the downtown area, and established a taxing district to provide a reliable revenue source for a 20-year period. In 2011, a series of Community Conversations with various stakeholders established key elements of the Cultural Core initiative. 
Building on the ideas established in the Community Conversations, the Cultural Core Action Plan will focus on creative placemaking, marketing, promotions, and audience development.

1. Creative Placemaking Objectives

  • Leverage and promote the existing programming, organizations, places and resources.
  • Provide new opportunities for artists and cultural organizations.
  • Enhance resident and visitor satisfaction and perceptions.
  • Foster new collaborations and create opportunities within the arts community, the business community and other stakeholders.
  • Provide programs, experiences, and environments attractive to all of Utah's different communities.
  • Establish a vibrant urban aesthetic and environment for serendipitous experiences.
  • Extend the daily and weekly arts and cultural activity cycle.
  • Amplify and focus the creative potential of Salt Lake's artists, creatives and organizations.

2. Marketing and Promotion Objectives

  • Create a marketable brand identity for the Cultural Core based on the abundance of existing programming.
  • Gain national and international media exposure for Salt Lake's unique arts and cultural offerings in the Cultural Core and beyond.
  • Promote Salt Lake's multicultural arts community.
  • Foster a more collaborative environment which stakeholders inside and outside of the Cultural Core can participate in, and benefit from, its development and promotion.
  • Market key messages and communication strategies for both existing and new audiences in the Salt Lake region.

3. Audience Development Objectives

  • Increase the frequency of participation and variety of engagements in Core programming by current, engaged audiences from within the city, county and region.
  • Provide insight on current, engaged audiences, and less engaged audiences for creative placemaking and marketing as the Action plan is implemented. 
  • Attract new audiences to the Core through culturally competent creative placemaking and marketing, ultimately transforming the profile of Salt Lake arts consumers to be more reflective of the diversity of the city and county population.


In April 2016, the City and County selected a team of Salt Lake and national and local consultants to conduct the Action Planning process. Over the summer, they will met with and surveyed downtown stakeholders, including the arts and cultural community. They also engaged diverse representatives of the regional community, reflecting the broader audience for the Cultural Core. The planning process confirmed the work done in the 2011 Community Conversations, solicited stakeholders’ ideas, and developed an implementation plan for the strategic focus areas. The Cultural Core will benefit from the creative contributions of organizations, artists and people from throughout the Salt Lake region, and the Action Plan identifies ways in which partners inside and outside the Core can contribute to, and benefit from, its vitality. 

Project Timeline

  • NOW - Downtown SLC Presents has been contracted to manage the implementation process of the Cultural Core Action Plan.


Lia Summers, Mayor’s Senior Advisor for Arts & Culture, Salt Lake City,
Holly Yocom, Director of Community Services, Salt Lake County,
Kristin Beck, Managing Director, Downtown SLC Presents,