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If you have received a traffic citation, you have the following options:

Note:  In person Traffic School will only be held on Wednesdays.  Traffic School will not be held on Wednesdays, if there is a Holiday during that week.


If you were involved in an accident and are interested in traffic school, you must contact a Traffic Clerk by phone or in person, to find out if you qualify. 

Bail Schedules 

State Traffic Bail Schedule- click here, to look up your bail amount.  If the bail falls under the "Suggested Bail Security Surcharge" column, that is the bail due. If your violation code starts with a

Speeding Bail Schedule - click here.

Points Information - click here.

ADA Accommodations

ADA Notice: If you are a party to a case, a witness or prospective juror and you need special accommodations (including communication aids and services) during an upcoming proceeding, please call the Salt Lake City Justice Court at 801-535-6321, or fax the court at 801-535-6302 at least three business days before the proceeding.

FAQs- click here.

Parking Citations

Please call the Parking Civil Unit at 801-535-6116, located at, 451 S State Street, Room 145, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114.


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Driver License Record Request

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