Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Contacts

City Contact Information

Please note: If you contact us by email and send attachments (photos or documents), our email system does not accept attachments larger than 10 Mb. Any emails with attachments larger than 10 Mb will be discarded and you will receive a bounce-back message.

Our Physical Location

451 South State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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Emergency Phone Numbers

For life-threatening emergencies, dial 911.
The public utilities emergency dispatch number is 801.483.6700.

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

For telephone information, click here.
The Police dispatch telephone number is 801.799.3000. The Fire Department number is 801.799.4231. These numbers are for non-emergencies only. 
Salt Lake City Needs Line: 801.535-7704

Service Requests

To contact us about problems, questions or comments, click here.

Email and Online Contacts

Send comments about our website, broken links, missing pages, applications that aren't functioning, etc.
Send comments about city policies, speeches, public notices, etc. 
Send comments about legislative actions, appointments, ordinance changes, etc
Send comments about the airport web pages, content, information requests, etc. 
Report problems with traffic signals.
Do not send comments about the parking ticket payment application to the police. If the payment application is not working, please send email to the webmaster. 
For more information regarding a parking ticket, please click here.
Direct inquiries about employment here.
We cannot answer inquiries about missing persons, genealogy, or non-City employment opportunities.