Salt Lake City

City Crews Catching Up on Snow Removal, Patching Roadways


January 31, 2013
Contact: Art Raymond

City Crews Catching Up on Snow Removal, Patching Roadways

SALT LAKE CITY – City Public Services officials report the cessation of snowfall and warmer temperatures have allowed snow removal crews to gain ground on local accumulations.

While some widening will continue on main roads and arterials, crews will need to wait for volumes to dissipate somewhat in residential areas to avoid plowing berms in front of driveways and pushing snow up onto sidewalks.

City crews began hauling snow piles out of the Central Business District on Wednesday night, and that work will continue the next several evenings to help clear blocked parking stalls and open up sight lines near downtown intersections.

Also, the extended cold spell has opened numerous potholes on roadways and repair crews have been deployed to begin patching work. Public Services Director Rick Graham said dispatchers are tracking complaints and resources are being moved into areas with the worst problems.

City officials also encourage residents to move any vehicles that have been parked curbside for extended periods to allow plows to continue clean up following recent storms.