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Salt Lake City Cemetery's turf restoration project is coming along as scheduled. Many individuals are working hard installing new sod, leveling low area, mowing, trimming and planting new seed. We apologize if any of this work has interfered with your visit to the cemetery. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from cemetery employees to get to a loved one’s grave or anything else you might need throughout this project and in the future.

Memorial Day is fast approaching and the Cemetery intends to have the restoration work completed in a fashion that will allow the public to enter all sections of the Cemetery with as few restrictions as possible. It will take several months to a year for the renovation to fully grow in. The Cemetery will issue progress reports during the period of renovation using various social media sites.

As of May 15th the restoration project is on schedule to be completed by Memorial Day Weekend. We have crews working in all areas of the cemetery placing new sod, fertilizing and seeding. We have several areas that are newly seeded and are receiving extra water to allow the seed to germinate. As these areas start growing the grass will appear longer than usual. Cemetery staff will be performing minimal maintenance in these areas allowing the new seed to grow and get established without damage being caused by our maintenance equipment. Once these areas are established we will begin regular maintenance.

We want to assure everyone access to the grave sites is not being limited. Please use care and be respectful of the restoration work in process.

The Cemetery staff deeply apologizes for the imposition this project may have caused. For further information you may contact the Cemetery Office at 801-596-5020.


There are 130,000 burial sites in the Salt Lake City cemetery and at present we have buried just over 121,000. The cemetery covers 250 acres in the heart of the city. Read about the cemetery's rich history at enjoyutah.org.

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Mission Statement of the SLC Cemetery

The mission of the Salt Lake City Cemetery is to serve the families who come to us in a time of need. To watch over and care for these families loved ones who have been interred within our great and historical cemetery.  To be a steward for the open space and care for the flora and fauna that lives and grows within our boundaries. We strive to provide service to the family members, friends and strangers who come to find closure, solace and peace within and upon are hallowed grounds. We strive daily to remember” the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra you do.”  We all try to “pick up the stick” making sure to think first of those who work with us side by side and our selves second.