Salt Lake City

City Budget - Process Overview

Budget Process Overview

As the budget is developed, City departments are asked to consider the several areas of focus in the Mayor’s Livability Agenda.  These areas include:

A Resilient Economy: Promoting the use of available City resources toward projects that will spur the growth of business and the improvement of the City’s infrastructure. 
Salt Lake City in Motion: Improving transportation alternatives throughout the City. 
A Wise Energy Future and Quality Environment: Advocating for planning, partnerships and construction that will lead to the more efficient use of our resources and a more positive effect on our environment.
Innovation and Celebration in Salt Lake City Education: Promoting efforts to improve educational outcomes in the City.
A Commitment to Equality & Opportunity:  Identifying strategies that will further the opportunities provided to ethnic minorities and non-english speaking groups.
Enhancing the Artistic & Cultural Life: Pursuing planning and partnerships that will enhance artistic and cultural opportunities and growth in the City.


Watch a video about the City's budget process: