Block Party Permit Application


Block Party Definition: An outdoor party put on by the residents of a neighborhood that is located on a single block face, does not block an intersection, and requires temporarily closing down a city street with proper barricades.  Also cannot be on a arterial and/or collector streets (i.e. major thoroughfare).

Please use the following link to submit a Block Party Permit Application at least 14 days prior to your event:  

Block Party Permit Application (Google Form)

*There are no fees to obtain a Block Party Permit.


All events require a map in order to process. Please include any of the following that is applicable to your event:

1)  The specific area in the park/plaza you wish to use
2)  The name of streets, placement of barricades and/or road closures
3)  The areas where participants and vendors/merchants will park
4)  Vendor, booth and/or stage placement
5)  The areas where alcoholic beverages will be served 
6)  Fencing/scaffolding placement
7)  The exact route where participants will walk or run 
How to Create a Map:
1)  Google Map Maker: 
2)  Map My Run: 
3)  SLC Park Maps: (download & edit the map using programs like Word, Paint, Illustrator, etc.)
4)  Hand sketch your map (this must be legible)
How To Submit a Map:
Please email your map directly to with your event name in the subject line. PDF format is highly recommended.      


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (801) 535-6110.

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