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Planning Commission

The Salt Lake City Planning Commission adopts and acts on any changes to the City's master plans, small area plans, special studies, zoning ordinances, and zoning district maps. The Commission also approves planned unit developments, conditional uses and certain subdivisions.

Agendas and Minutes

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Powers and Duties

  1. Prepare and recommend a comprehensive general plan to the City Council
  2. Considers and makes recommendations to City regarding zoning and zoning ordinance changes
  3. Hear and decide appeals from administrative hearing decisions of the planning director
  4. Approves planned unit developments and subdivisions
  5. Considers and makes rulings on conditional uses
  6. Make rulings regarding the existence, expansion or modification of nonconforming use and noncomplying structures

Member Qualifications

The commission shall consist of nine to eleven members balancing geographic, professional, neighborhood and community interests. The director of the planning division shall serve as an ex officio member without vote.

Current Members


Serving Since

Council District

Michael R. Gallegos   2009 1
Andres Paredes 2015 2
Carolynn Hoskins 2013 1
Angela Dean  2009 3
Michael Fife  2009 3
Jamie Bowen  2015 4
Clark Ruttinger  2011 3
Emily Drown  2010 3
Matt Lyon 2014 5
Maurine Bachman 2015 6
Vacant   7












Staff and Officers

Emily Drown, Chair
Andres Paredes, Vice Chair
Nora Shepard, Planning Director
Cheri Coffey, Assistant Planning Director
Michelle Moeller, Administrative Secretary

Meeting Information

Period — Bi-monthly 
Days — Second and fourth Wednesdays 
Time — 5:30 pm 
Location — City and County Building, Room 326
451 S State, Salt Lake City 
More info (801) 535-7757 

Bylaws and Governing Documents

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Contact Information

Planning Commission
Attn: Michelle Moeller
451 S State, Rm. 406
Salt Lake City, UT 84111 
(801) 535-7757

Staff Support

Michelle Moeller
Administrative Secretary
(801) 535-7757