Arts Council - Finch Lane / Park Galleries

The Salt Lake City Arts Council, located at the Art Barn in Reservoir Park, programs visual arts exhibits year-round in the Finch Lane and Park Galleries. Artist are invited to apply for exhibits annually. Typically, the applications are made available in January and due back to the Arts Council in March. The exhibition program is designed to give local artist an opportunity to show their current body of work. The application process includes a thorough and competitve review by the Visual Arts Committee of the Salt Lake City Arts Council, with members from the board of directors and visual artists from the community.

Both one-person shows and group exhibits are considered. The quality of work, as evidenced by images of previous work submitted with the application, a range of styles and mediums, and a balanced exhibition season are among the criteria considered in the application review process.



54 Finch Lane
(1320 East 100 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Salt Lake Gallery Stroll
Third Friday of each month
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

For information on the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll, visit their web site.


October 3 through November 21

Contemporary artists using the book as the basis for their art and landscape painter Brandon Cook will share the exhibition space at the Finch Lane Gallery. Cook’s exhibition features recent landscape paintings, many of which are painted on metal, bringing out a lustrous quality in the paint. The group exhibition “Altared Books: Offerings in (Con) text,” takes a playful look at the art of the altered book. The exhibitions will be on view at the Finch Lane Gallery October 3 through November 21. An opening reception will be held at the Gallery on Friday, October 3 from 6 PM to 9 PM.
paintingBrandon Cook paints natural elements found in landscapes. He has titled his exhibition “Aeonic,” a derivative of the word aeonian, meaning to last for an immeasurable or indefinitely long period of time. “The malleable elements of the landscape allow a painting to come to life on the canvas,” says Cook. “In the act of painting - a process that takes advantage of chance and glimpsed possibilities - the creative vision of mind and spirit is fused.” Cook’s interest in the physical qualities of the materials he employs - the viscosity of oil paints, the texture of canvas and the luminosity of multiple glazes - is matched by his interest in the ability of the visible to metaphorically explore the invisible. His compositions share both palette and spirit with nineteenth-century American painters Ralph Albert Blakelock and George Inness. Ranging from the drama of stormy skies to the deep tranquility of nightscapes, all are impeccable in their execution and universal in their appeal. 
Cook’s paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows across the country, and hang in both private and corporate collections. Cook will give gallery talks at 7:00 PM during the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll on October 17 and November 21.
For decades, contemporary artists have created altered books using existing books or text and modifying them into a new art form. In the exhibition titled Altared Books: Offerings in (Con)text, the pieces created by a selection of artists are presented in the context of the book as part of an offering. Offering being defined as a sacrificial rite, a gift of great value, or a spiritual undertaking.
Altars are spaces where offerings and sacraments take place, where people are united, or where they worship. The exhibition presents a space (altar) where artists’ altered books are offered for visitors to consider the meaning of the different pieces.
For this juried exhibition, artists submitted books that represented something sacrificial, valuable, or spiritual—something to be placed on a metaphorical altar. Selected artists include Carol Berrey, Emily Dyer, Frank McEntire, Jody Plant, Chauncey Secrist, Nancy Steele-Makasci, and Loné Vilnius.