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2014 Brown Bag Concert Series

The Salt Lake City Arts Council presents the 37th annual Brown Bag Concert Series. Concerts are held weekdays 12:15 - 1:00 p.m., August 4 - 29 and held at four different locations in downtown Salt Lake City. Concerts are free!

Visit the Brown Bag web page for the full schedule.

Community Art Projects Application

Is there a City-owned location in your neighborhood that would benefit from a community art project? The Salt Lake City Arts Council is pleased to encourage art proejcts in all seven City Council Districts on City-owned property or int he right-of-way. This might include utility boxes, street/sidealk paintings, artistic banners, sculptural works, or murals. We inviste artists, schools, neighborhood groups, or organizations to submit a proposal to place art on City property that would enhance the quality of the community.

Salt Lake City receives requests regularly from citizen groups and non-profit organizations to place or paint art on City property. To assist and encourage these groups in their desire to add artistic elements to the urban landscape, guidelines have been developed and a review process implemented for these types of community-based projects. Some of the objectives of these guidelines are to:

            • Encourage projects that contribute to the quality of the public realm.

            • Encourage initiatives that come from, are supported by, and enhance the community.

            • Respect and support local artists.

            • Provide project opportunities to all districts and neighborhoods.

THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR CITY FUNDING. The purpose of this application process is solely for the review/approval of requests from artists and community groups to do art projects on Salt Lake City property at their own expense.

Click for the application. The deadline for submission is Monday, August 25, 2014 by 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified in September.


Summer 2014 Newsletter

The newsletter for spring 2014 is now available. This edition includes information on the 2014 Twilight Concert Series, exhibitions at the Finch Lane Gallery, updates on the Public Art Program and a calendar of events for July, August, and September.

Read the newsletter at


Volunteers Needed

The 2014 Twilight Concert Series needs the help of volunteers like you!  Be a part of a spectacular summer event in downtown Salt Lake City (Thursdays thru July and August), and help with beverage sales, box office, gate greeting, trash control, and production.  Volunteers receive one drink voucher per shift, one complimentary entrance ticket for every shift, and those who complete 3 shifts or more will receive a free T-shirt!  For the volunteer application, please fill out the following link:  for additional questions and/ or inquiries please email:,  or call 801-596-5000.















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