Public Utilities Development Review

Development Review and Contracts Office

Brad Stewart, PE – ph. 801-483-6733 (
Brad is the Manager of the Development Review Team for the Department (including inspectors for private development projects). Brad also is the point of contact for projects such as the University of Utah and the City Creek Reserve project and handles the review of all riparian permit applications.

Justin Stoker, PE – ph. 801-483-6786 (
Justin provides the reviews for development projects that are located inside of the boundaries of the City. Justin also provides reviews for projects that are proposed in sensitive areas of the watershed (in the canyons). Justin also is a Certified Floodplain Manager and LEED certified and provides reviews for all projects that are located in FEMA designated floodplains and proposed LEED certified projects.

Bridget Paris Elliott, PE – ph. 801-483-6702 (
Bridget reviews new residential and commercial development. You may see her participating in DRT meetings which provide guidance to those interested in developing within Salt Lake City, or representing Public Utilities at the Building Department’s Buzz Center. Bridget understands traditional engineering principals but welcomes the opportunity to review and collaborate with design professionals that make a case for sustainable and innovative site design solutions. 

Derek Velarde, PE – 801-483-6810 ( provides review services for development projects that are located within the City  boundaries. Derek handles reviews for water, sewer, and storm drainage; responsibilities include providing fire flow testing, easements, property encroachment, and other problems associated with property developed within the city. Derek acts as the utility representative in the Building Department’s Buzz Center (one-stop shop) and provides consultation services to assist in the development and approval of projects. 

Jason Draper, PE – ph. 801-483-6751 (
Jason is in charge of the City’s storm water quality program.  He reviews for development projects pertaining to storm water quality only.  Please contact Jason if you have questions related to the SWPPP or pretreatment on storm water released from private properties into the public storm drain systems.

Dave Pearson, PE – 801-483-6738 (
Dave is the City’s street light program manager. He reviews for development projects pertaining to street lights only.  Please contact Dave if you have questions related to street lights.

Salt Lake City Building Design and Processes Guide "Design Standards Document"

Contracts Office - Permits & Fees

Contact the Contracts Office for questions regarding main extension agreements, bond releases, and Certificate of Occupancy, permits, and fees associated with the permits.

Peggy Garcia- Contracts & Connection Supervisor – 801-483-6727 (

Kathy Charles - Contracts Service Representative – 801-483-6764 (

Bruce Leaf - Contracts Service Representative – 801-483-6762 (

Karryn Greenleaf – Property & Easements – 801-483-6769 (
for assistance with property or easements owned by the Public Utilities Department. Karryn is also the point of contact for GRAMA requests or Canyon Watershed Sales.

Fax: 801-483-6855 (both Development Review and Contracts Office)

The following links are for forms that assist in review. The application supplies the reviewer with important information regarding the project and the Pretreatment Survey assists the waste water treatment plant in understanding what is introduced to the sanitary sewer lines.
Application for Review (PDF)
Pretreatment Survey (PDF)
Grease Trap Sizing worksheet (XLSX) or Grease Trap Sizing worksheet (PDF)
Grease Interceptor Sizing worksheet (XLSX) or Grease Interceptor Sizing worksheet (PDF)

The following contains links to applicable forms and helpful information in completing the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans Information
Stormwater Small Construction Notice of Termination (NOT)
Stormwater Small Construction Permit Notice of Intention (NOI) 
Storm Drains:  Do you know where the water (and any debris) goes?

The following links are for the standards and policies that are used in Salt Lake City for construction. While the APWA standards are closely followed, it is important to review the Standard Practices book for SLC alternatives to some of the standards within the APWA standards.
Salt Lake City Public Utilities Standard Practices Book (PDF)
APWA 2007 Standard Plans (PDF)
APWA 2007 Standard Specifications (PDF)
Jordan & Salt Lake Canal Design Criteria and Submittal Requirements