Transportation - Free Metered Parking for "Green Vehicles"

Vehicles that achieve a minimum designated city fuel economy or EPA Smog Rating are eligible for a special parking permit that allows free parking for up to two hours at Salt Lake City (SLC) Parking meters. These vehicles are known as SLC “Green Vehicles”.  A SLC “Green Vehicle” achieves an EPA city fuel economy rating of 41 miles per gallon or higher (not highway fuel economy) or an EPA Smog Rating of 8 or higher.  If a vehicle is powered by multiple fuels (i.e. compressed natural gas 'CNG', electricity, gasoline, etc), the lowest EPA Smog Rating associated with the vehicle is used to qualify for this program. Please note that most bi-fuel CNG vehicles and most Chevrolet Volts found in Utah do not qualify for this program based on their EPA test results for gasoline. A Volt must have been purchased with the Low Emissions Package to qualify.

Qualifying SLC “Green Vehicles”: EPA City Fuel Economy 41+

Qualifying SLC “Green Vehicles”: EPA Smog Rating 8+

For vehicles powered 100% by an alternative fuel such as CNG, electricity, hydrogen, etc, please visit our EPA Smog Rating 8+ page to determine if you vehicle qualifies as a SLC "Green Vehicle”.

If your vehicle qualifies, a SLC "Green Vehicle" parking permit is obtained by bringing your registration, driver's license and vehicle to the city's Transportation Division office located at 349 South 200 East, Suite 150, between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. If your vehicle registration is from a state other than Utah, you must bring proof of Utah residency/property ownership or proof of business/non-profit organization location within Utah (Lease, rental agreement, deed or two utility bills).

Due to a lack of EPA fuel economy or emission data, motorcycles and biodiesel powered vehicles currently do not qualify for this program.

The city's "Green Vehicle" parking program does not include free parking at University of Utah campus parking meters or use of the Carpool/HOV/Express lanes on I-15.

The State of Utah has a program for clean vehicles that allows use of the Carpool/HOV/Express lanes on I-15 by single occupant vehicles. Please check the State’s website for current program status, a list of qualifying vehicles and an online application.