Transportation - Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal "McClelland" Trail

The Jordan and Salt Lake Canal "McClelland" Trail will offer a safe and comfortable route for walking and bicycling between residential neighborhoods, recreational opportunities, shopping destinations, and community gathering places.  

The first phase of the trail, between 800 South and the Sugar House Business District, was constructed from July to October of 2016.

Please visit the "McClelland Street Design Options" page to learn about options for extending the trail from 2100 South to Sugarmont Drive in the Sugar House Business District.


Background Information

The Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal diverts water from the Jordan River headwaters to the east side of Salt Lake City. The genesis for a trail along the portion of the canal within Salt Lake City began with the efforts of communities along the corridor, as well as its inclusion in the Open Space and Trails Plan and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. In 2013, an Implementation Plan was completed for the Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal Trail, and recently the Salt Lake City Council funded construction based upon this study.

Download a .PDF of the 2013 Implementation Study (link)
History of the Jordan & Salt Lake Canal (link)

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Construction Plans
Overview map .pdf
Off-Street Trail: Landscape Plans .pdf
Off-Street Trail: Site Plans .pdf
Off-Street Trail: Site Details .pdf - 801-535-6630 - SLCMoves - SLC Transportation Division