Transportation - 9-Line


The 9-Line is a corridor connecting east and west Salt Lake City from the mouth of Emigration Canyon to the Surplus Canal, west of Redwood Road. The corridor includes a walking/bicycling trail linking parks, open spaces, neighborhoods and business areas. The 9-Line Trail Extension Study presents a conceptual design and implementation plan for walking and bicycling facilities along the whole corridor.

In the City's Transit Master Plan, 900 South has also been identified as a corridor for frequent transit service, currently envisioned as improvements to bus frequency and amenties.

In 2019, Salt Lake City will reconstruct a section of 900 South (Lincoln to 1300 East), including the 9-Line trail. In Spring and Summer 2018, this project is in design and seeking public comment, prior to final design and bid in the Fall of 2018. Please see the 900 South reconstruction page for details.

Trail Segments (from West to East)

Surplus Canal to Redwood Rd. Planned / no specific timeline.
Redwood Rd. to I-15    

Constructed off-street trail.
Additional landscaping and trail amenities to be constructed in 2018.

I-15 to 200 West Planned. Sidewalks and on-road paint-buffered bike lanes provide an interim connection.
Central 9th (300 W to West Temple)                                  In Design. The City's Redevelopment Agency (RDA) plans a sophisticated streetscape including sidewalks and above-the-curb bike routes. Construction in 2019 (tentative).
200 West to 700 East     Planned. Sidewalks provide pedestrian connection; currently no bike facilities.
700 East to Windsor (850 E) Planned. Sidewalks and on-road bike lanes provide an interim connection.
9th & 9th Business Area   Planned for 2019.
Lincoln (950 E) to 1300 E In design for construction. A reconstruction of 900 South will incorporate the trail. Click here for more information.
1300 E to Guardsman (1580 E) Planned / no specific timeline.
Guardsman to Arapeen Constructed. A trail on the north side of Sunnyside Avenue has been constructed.
Arapeen to This is the Place Funding requested. In 2018, the City Council will consider funding a segment of trail connecting from Arapeen to the western driveway at This is the Place Heritage Park.
This is the Place to Hogle Zoo Planned / no specific timeline.
Hogle Zoo to Bonneville Shoreline Trailhead Planned / no specific timeline.

Plans, Studies, & Other Initiatives

  • The 9-Line Corridor Master Plan addresses the trail and surrounding land uses between the Surplus Canal at 2000 West and the TRAX line at 200 West.
  • The 9-Line Trail Extension Study presents a conceptual design and implementation plan for walking & bicycling facilities along the whole corridor.
  • The 9-Line Bike Park began as a small community-developed pump track and has since been professionally constructed to provide jumps to challenge the best mountain bikers.