Transportation - 9 Line Trail Extension Study

What is the 9 Line Trail Extension Study?

The 9 Line Trail Extension Study aims to select a preferred design for extending the existing 9 Line Trail across Salt Lake City, connecting east and west Salt Lake City with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable route for walking and bicycling.

Study Area

This study aims to produce a design and cost estimate for building a walking and bicycling trail along Sunnyside Avenue, 900 South and the old 900 South Rail Line corridor for approximately 9 miles across the City.

Work To Date

The study started in early 2016 with data gathering and interviews with community stakeholders, city staff, and representatives of partner agencies. 

An Existing Conditions Report summarizes the results of this work, and is available for download.

Through summer and fall of 2016, three rounds of public open houses, an online survey, and in-person surveys on the street helped inform the development of several possible design approaches.

Next Steps

A follow-up survey is now available online to help select a preferred design:

Visit the Online Survey here to provide input (link opens in a new window).

Following the close of this survey, a preferred design will be selected and a draft of the study recommendations will be posted and distributed for review.


The concept of the 9-Line Trail (also referred to as the Transvalley Corridor in previous studies) dates back 25 years to the 1992 Open Space Master Plan. The original proposal sought to connect east and west Salt Lake City by linking neighborhoods and parks via a system of urban trails. Since that time, numerous plans and studies addressed various segments of the trail or issues within the corridor such as transportation, land use, economic development, redevelopment and recreation.

In 2011, the first section of the 9 Line Trail opened from 700 West to Redwood Road along the abandoned 900 South Rail Line corridor.

More information about the existing trail is available here (link opens in a new window).

The most current plan, The 9 Line Corridor Master Plan (link opens in a new window), addresses all these issues on the section between the Surplus Canal at 2000 West and the Trax line at 200 West.

A Review of Existing Studies summarizes the important role that the 9-Line Trail can play in connecting, revitalizing, and enhancing the various neighborhoods through which it passes.

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