Transportation - 900 West Lane Reconfiguration

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Project Update - June 2017

Construction on the project is expected to begin in early July with the first phase of construction occurring between North Temple and 900 S. Residents and business owners along 900 W. will be contacted directly prior to construction adjacent to their properties.
A modification to the design of the upcoming lane reconfiguration on 900 W. has been made. The community has expressed a desire for on-street parking to be added to the City's initial design for segments south of 900 S. In response, the design has been modified to include on-street parking on most blocks between 900 S. and 1700 S. The planned layout for 900 W. between 900 S. and 1700 S., will include one travel lane in each direction, bike lanes, and on-street parking. The addition of on-street parking differs from previous public presentations of this project.

Project Overview

900 West will undergo a lane reconfiguration to increase livability, safety, and opportunities for all roadway users. The project will transform 900 West from North Temple to 2100 South into a complete street roadway with bike lanes, one vehicle lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and pedestrian and bus amenities. The roadway width will remain as it currently exists with the space for bike lanes coming from repurposing a vehicle travel lane. The City Council-approved project is supported by the Westside Master Plan, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, and the City's complete streets ordinance.
The project is being planned by the Salt Lake City Transportation Division and is anticipated to be implemented in the summer/fall of 2017.
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Project Understanding

The lane reconfiguration, which is intended to increase the safety and mobility for all roadway users, is supported by the following:
  • Traffic volumes on 900 W are within the range of other successful lane reconfigurations in the City.
  • Roadways with characteristics similar to 900 W have seen a 19% to 29% reduction in crashes after implementation of a lane reconfiguration. 
  • The lane reconfiguration is expected to reduce speed differential and vehicles weaving in and out of travel lanes.
  • A center turn lane will be provided in areas where one currently does not exist. The center turn lane provides left-turning motorists an area outside of the travel lane to decelerate and stop while waiting for a gap in opposing traffic. Installations of center turn lanes has been shown to significantly reduce crashes, specifically injury and rear-end crashes.

Project Illustrations

The following illustrations show an example of the current and proposed lane reconfigurations. The final design will be completed by Salt Lake Cty Transportation and may differe from what is shown here.


Before and After Segments

Below are illustrations of how 900 W will look after implementation of the project. The image on the left is the current configuration of 900 W while the image on the right reflects the planned modifications to the roadway.

**Please note these draft illustrations are subject to change as the design process continues.

Complete Streets Elements

Below are illustrations of the complete streets elements being designed for the intersections of 700 South, 800 South and Genesee Ave, respectively. 

**Please note these draft illustrations are subject to change as the design process continues.


Información en Español

La División de Transporte de Salt Lake City está diseñando una reconfiguración de las vías en 900 W para mejorar la habitabilidad, la seguridad y la movilidad de todos los usuarios de la calle. Este verano, Salt Lake City planea cambiar 900 W (de North Temple a 1700 S) en una calle completa con una vía de vehículo en cada dirección, una vía central para dar vuelta, vías de la bicicleta, y mejoras para los peatones y las paradas de autobús.
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