Salt Lake City

Transportation, transportation, transportation. Three transit-related items up for discussion during dayside Work Session of the SLC Council on Sept. 22

Fast Facts

What: City Council Work Session & Formal Meeting
When: Tuesday – Sept. 22, 2015

2:00 p.m. Work Session Room 326 (A discussion among Council Members and select presenters. The public is welcome to listen)

7:00 p.m. Formal Meeting Room 315 (Includes open public comment period – 2 minute limit)


City & County Building
451 South State Street, 3rd floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Contact: City Council Office

Work Session- Items of Interest (starting after 2:00 p.m.)

City-owned Property Amendments – Parks and Public Lands: The Council will receive a written briefing on proposed changes to the City’s City-owned property regulations, specifically relating to Parks and Public Lands. Under the proposal, existing park rules would be applied to all lands managed by, maintained by or under the jurisdiction of the Parks and Public Lands division.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP): The Council will continue to discuss the Mayor’s recommended budget relating to the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.

Transit Master Plan Update: The Council will receive an update from Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates on the status of the Transit Master Plan. The update will include a progress report and an opportunity for the Council to provide feedback on developing the framework for evaluating future transit service in Salt Lake City.

South Davis Transit Study Update: The Council will be updated on a study of transit options to connect Downtown Salt Lake City with South Davis County. The recommended Locally Preferred Alternative route includes a recommendation that Bus Rapid Transit be developed on 400 West. The briefing will clarify that the Locally Preferred Alternative would extend from Bountiful to Salt Lake City utilizing S.R. 89 and 400 West and would terminate at North Temple.

Ground Transportation Update: The Council will be briefed by representatives from the Department of Airports about options for regulating rates ground transportation companies charge; administrative steps taken to improve ground transportation service; and preparation and potential research necessary to amend existing ordinances to improve service to the public. The briefing will include discussion with the Council on its perspective on improving ground transportation service. The briefing and discussion are intended to result in an ordinance for the Council to consider at a later date.

Impact Fee Study - Consultant Report and Initial Policy Discussion: The Council will receive a presentation from the City’s Impact Fees consultant about how impact fees work and the City’s options for changing fees going forward. This is an interim report. The Administration has not yet finalized recommendations for changing impact fees. As time allows the Council will then hold an initial policy discussion on impact fees in general, in preparation for a forthcoming Administrative proposal. The Council will continue to discuss this topic in the coming months.

Solar Panel Installations in Historic Districts: The Council will be briefed about a proposal that would change the approval process for small solar panel installations on residences in historic districts and at landmark sites. The proposed changes would allow City staff to approve applications for solar panel installations – except when they are proposed to be located on the front facade directly adjacent to the public right-of way. Currently, applications for panels on the front or side facades must be reviewed and approved by the Historic Landmark Commission.

FORMAL MEETING - Items of interest (starts at 7:00 p.m.)

PUBLIC HEARINGS: Grant Application Submission

See the full agenda here:

Parking note: The Council offers parking validations to Council meeting attendees who park at the Main Library just east of the City & County Building. See Council staff for the validation ticket.

Upcoming Council Meeting Dates

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