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funding our future

Salt Lake City officially launches the Funding Our Future Dashboard

Today, Salt Lake City officially launched the Funding Our Future dashboard. The online dashboard tracks funding from the recently passed half a percent sales tax increase and displays specific dollar allocations to be used for community-identified critical needs: affordable housing, neighborhood security, streets and infrastructure, and transit.

Mayor Biskupski offers two budgets to Salt Lake City Council

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski today released two budgets to the Salt Lake City Council. The first budget has recommendations for the general fund and the second financial plan offers proposals if the Salt Lake City Council increases the sales tax. 

Salt Lake City is expected to generate $275.5 million in revenues for the 2019 fiscal year general fund, a one percent growth from fiscal year 2018. Salt Lake City is expected to raise $25 million if the proposed sales tax increase passes.

Salt Lake City Seeks Feedback on Sales Tax and Bond Proposal

Mayor Biskupski and the Salt Lake City Council are seeking resident feedback to better understand public perceptions of City service needs and potential funding mechanisms. The Mayor and City Council are currently exploring the possibility of activating a 0.5% sales tax option provided to the City in 2015. The ongoing funding could be used to help fund growth related priority areas of street repair, affordable housing, transit service, and neighborhood safety and security.

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