Salt Lake City

Summary of the Jan. 21 City Council Meeting

Wood Burning


The Council discussed the environmental and health impacts of residential wood burning and the City’s current regulations. The Council will hold a fact finding meeting with a panel of stakeholders who have specific expertise on wood smoke or other air quality related issues. That meeting will be scheduled at a later date. The Council also asked staff to research which neighboring jurisdictions and government entities the City can partner with to improve the air quality in the valley. Read more.

Airport Terminal Redevelopment


The Council was briefed on the status and progress of plans for a new terminal, concourses, parking garage and other facilities at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Construction on rental car service facilities will begin this year, and construction on the south concourse and terminal will begin in 2016. The Council will be periodically updated on the progress of the project. Read more, including timeline.

Local Historic District Designation – Property Owner Opt-in


The Council was briefed on the Administration’s analysis of a proposal that would allow individual properties that meet certain criteria to receive local historic designation on an opt-in basis. The Council chose not to pursue the individual property opt-in designation. However, the Council intends to explore the feasibility of having the City hold and track conservation easements similar to the way other organizations, such as the Utah Heritage Foundation, hold them. The Council will further study offering financing for historic preservation projects and the costs of educating people about available incentives and tools offered by the City, state, and federal government. Read more.

Downtown Master Plan Public Engagement


The Council was briefed about the Planning Division’s report on public outreach efforts to gather comments on the draft Downtown Master Plan. The Council will continue to review and discuss the downtown master plan in the coming months. Read more.

The Council also:


  • discussed its 2013 priority projects. The Council will further discuss its 2014 priority projects at its Feb. 11 retreat.  Read more.
  • was briefed on the City’s comprehensive annual audit. Read more.
  • was given an overview of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on seasonal City employees. Read more.