Salt Lake City

Summary of the December 9 City Council Meeting

Some budget amendments adopted, winter parking restrictions discussed

Budget Amendment No. 1 Fiscal Year 2014-15

The Council discussed and adopted elements of Budget Amendment No. 1, including funding for holiday police patrols in areas of the City to be determined by the Chief; staff to handle increased installation of fiber networks; conversion of additional City fleet to electric vehicles; and a public opinion survey about resident satisfaction with City services and programs. The Council will vote on funding to keep the Downtown Main Library open 24 hours a day at a later date, likely in January. Learn more. The Council offered financial support ($25,000) to the annual EVE celebration by contributing to the making of what could be largest disco ball in the country. The project would be an alternative to the annual EVE fireworks.


Restricted On-Street Parking During Snow Removal Operations

The Council was briefed about a pilot program that will limit parking to one side of the street on certain streets following heavy snow accumulations. The program will enable street crews to clear snow from the entire street to the curb on several pre-determined City streets from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Learn more.

Recognition of Outgoing Council Chair

The Council took a moment to thank Charlie Luke for his work and leadership as Council Chair in 2014.

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We the People Amendment

The Council adopted  a joint resolution with Mayor Ralph Becker supporting the We the People Amendment to the United States Constitution, which supports broader changes to campaign financing and contributions.

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The Council also:

  • adopted a resolution supporting the establishment of a single Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in Salt Lake County to create a more efficient and effective 911 system. Learn more.
  • received written reports on:
    • Golf Fund long-term budget issues. Learn more.
    • Interlocal Agreement for 929 South Navajo Street. Learn more.
    • Issuance of Misdemeanor Citations for Animal Control Ordinances. Learn more.
  • interviewed a number of people for appointments to City boards and commissions;
  • discussed issues affecting the City that the State Legislature may address during its 2015 session; including the state prison relocation and transportation network companies. Learn more.
  • discussed the Proposed Yale Park Local Historic District. The Council will take action on this item at a later date. Learn more.
  • held and closed a public hearing regarding the Water Conservation Master Plan. The Council adopted the Master Plan. Learn more.
  • deferred action on the 9 Line Corridor Master Plan. Learn more.