Streets - Snow Removal

The Public Services Streets Division is dedicated to keeping the City's streets safe and passable during the winter storm season.


The winter months are very unpredictable in Salt Lake City, no one year is the same as another, due to the many variables related to winter conditions in Salt Lake City such as the lake effect, four mountain ranges, and elevation differences from the valley floor to the high benches, etc. The only way to understand the reasons for snow and ice removal processes is to compare data gathered over the years to give us an insight into why one year may have been a greater challenge than the last.

Snow Program Facts

98 employees split into 2 shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (on standby) for snow and ice removal

Move snow and ice from: 1,857 road lane miles

Use approximately 16,000 tons of salt per year

45 large plow and salt spreader trucks

Move snow based on pre-established priority routes

Work closely with The State of Utah Department of Transportation to remove snow from state roads.


















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