Streets - Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Maintenance crews perform maintenance repairs and surface treatments on 1,858 lane miles (approximately 118 million square feet) of City-owned roadways, including activities such as chip, fog and slurry seal surface treatments, crack sealing, level patching, pothole repair and asphalt surface milling.  The type of surface treatment a road will receive is determined by the City’s Engineering Division, Pavement Management.  Road conditions are evaluated by field inspection and automated pavement surveys and the data determines the type of maintenance plan each road receives.

Streets Asphalt Maintenance Performs the Following:

  • Pothole repairs
  • Road stabilization
  • Level patching & milling operation
  • Chip and fog seal surface treatment
  • Slurry seal surface treatment
  • Crack sealing operation
  • Tie-in operation related to concrete projects





Pothole Repair

Pothole repairs are performed year round. Potholes appear when a road surface becomes worn and has suffered the effects of weather and traffic.  Report a problem




Asphalt Maintenance




Road Repair & Treatment

Salt Lake City Streets utilizes a number of different treatments and repair techniques to maintain street pavement.  The type of road and condition determines the treatment used.  Report a problem