Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance & Enforcement

Salt Lake City has an ordinance in place, 14.20.070 (Snow to be Removed from Sidewalks), which states that the owner or occupant of a property must remove snow and ice from their whole sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours after a storm. Please refer to the ordinance for full legal information here

This ordinance applies to all businesses and residents and requires snow to be removed from the whole width of your sidewalk, including ADA ramps which go out to the street.

The ordinance protects the safety of every individual in Salt Lake City. It is important that the snow be removed from your sidewalk so people are able to walk and ride safely out of vehicular traffic. Under ADA regulations accessibility to sidewalks for disabled individuals is required.

Click here for more information regarding sidewalk snow removal.

  • When you shovel driveways, pile the snow to the right-hand side of your driveway when facing the street, so when the street is plowed all the snow is not pushed back into your driveway.
  • Do not snow blow or shovel the snow into the street, it is against City ordinance 14.20.080 (Obstructing Right of Way with Snow Prohibited) and is a traffic safety hazard.
  • Shovel the entire sidewalk adjacent to your property within 24 hours from the end of precipitation. This is also required by City Ordinance 14.20.070 (Snow to be Removed From Sidewalks).
  • If your property includes a crosswalk or an ADA ramp, please keep it clear of snow.
  • Remove snow from around fire hydrants and bus benches on your property.
  • Help others by volunteering your time and equipment to assist the elderly or handicapped by contacting your local church or your Community Council Representatives in your neighborhood.  Help your neighbor or friend to help others in need.  We all need a little assistance once in a while.