How to Use and Frequently Asked Questions

How to use SLC Mobile

SLC Mobile is a free, simple, and intuitive online and smart phone application that enables the residents of Salt Lake City to identify quality of life and environmental issues and report them to the appropriate department for quick resolution. Powered by CitySourced technology, the application uses your smart phone’s global positioning system to automatically provide the issue's location, simplifying the reporting process for both you and City staff. Once you have submitted an issue, you track resolution efforts within SLC Mobile or via the web. SLC Mobile is free to download and use.

Basic Step-by-Step Instructions:

 1. Launch the app on your mobile phone
 2. Click report an issue on the home screen
 3. Snap a picture, video or sound clip
 4. Click the “use / attach / escape” button depending on your phone
 5. Select an issue category
 6. Writing a detail is optional, but any extra info helps!
 7. Select submit

Tips for Using SLC Mobile:

• Stay safe; don't attempt to use CitySourced (or any app for that matter) while driving.
• Be sure that the GPS feature on your device is turned on. Also, the app works much better outdoors than it does indoors.
• The mobile app works much better outdoors than it does indoors. This is especially true of Blackberries which rely heavily on satellite communications.
• Most data plans allow for unlimited photos and incident submissions; check your plan.
• Try to provide additional comments such as streets, cross-streets, or landmarks.
• Avoid zooming in too far when taking the photograph. Try to include any identifying or distinguishing objects that are nearby.
• Please do not submit duplicate requests with multiple photos. Submit the single best photo or ticket representing the issue and include comments for multiple tags.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Should I submit emergencies using SLC Mobile?

No. Although SLC Mobile is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately. If the issue you are reporting is a public safety emergency, please call 911. If the issue you are reporting is a water or sewer emergency, please call 801 483-6700  this is a 24 hour number, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. For street lighting emergencies please call 801 483-6738.


Can I create a new report using my tablet device, such as an iPad?

Yes! However, many tablet devices don't have a true GPS and instead use Wi-Fi triangulation, which pulls location based on the number of mapped Wi-Fi hotspots. This setup can result in less accurate location information in certain areas. Always before submitting a report. a user must confirm the location. During this step, the user can correct inaccurate location information captured by the device hardware. 


Can I enter a service request / report without adding a media file, such as a photo, video or audio file?

Currently the mobile app requires users to upload a media file. However, you can report issues without uploading a file using the online request form at Make a Service Request


Can I use my digital camera to file a new report?

Yes! You'll need to upload the digital photos directly through the online version at Make a Service Request


Does this app work for requests outside of the city limits of the Salt Lake City?

No, the SLC Mobile  app and online service request system is designed specifically for Salt Lake City issues and requests. However, the app is powered by a program called CitySourced, which provides tools and services for locations across the country. To learn more about their other mobile and online reporting tools, visit


How can I check the status of a report I created?

When an issue is reported, your report goes right into the City’s work management system and is distributed to the appropriate department for resolution. When the issue is updated in the City’s work management system, you can see the update right away on the MyReports Tab within the mobile app. To view the status of submitted reports online, visit the Salt Lake City, CitySourced page. Please note, that only recently reported issues will be displayed. Please note: Some requests, especially those filed under the “other” category, may not fit neatly into the existing work management system. As such, there may be some delay or gap in reports displaying resolution. 

How can I view all issues reported using SLC Mobile within Salt Lake City?

On the mobile app, click on the “My City” tab to show all the recent reports. To view the status of submitted reports online, visit the SLC Mobile-Track a Request page. Please note, that only recently reported issues will be displayed. It should be noted that the map only shows those items that are reported using SLC Mobile. Requests that were submitted over the phone, in person, or by letter will not be displayed. 

Can users be removed from the system for abuse?

Yes, users that are abusing the system by uploading inappropriate content can be blacklisted. 


What happens if I don’t have cell service / coverage but want to report something?

Cell service is required to submit a request using the mobile app. However, the mobile app allows users to store reports and send them once mobile access is restored. 

What if the GPS malfunctions?

GPS units in phones can vary in their speed and accuracy. Generally newer phones have no problem locking in to a GPS signal. However GPS is usually best when you have line of sight to a sky. Therefore, you may have problems with GPS when inside buildings with certain devices. However, the app supports offline reporting and manually entering your location. Therefore, a poor GPS signal will not prevent you from submitting a report. 

Does SLC Mobile  use either SMS or MMS to transfer information?

No, the app only uses the data service provided by mobile carrier. The data sent per report is, on average, muchless than your average web page. 

How is my contact information stored?

The mobile app prompts a user to provide First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. A user only has to provide this information once and it is then stored within the app. Users may still submit reports anonymously by selecting this option in the Settings menu. Go to the 'More' Tab, select the 'Settings' menu, and check the box marked 'Report Anonymously'. Any information, such as personal information or location is only used for reporting purposes. CitySourced, the app that powers SLC Mobile , states that they will never sell your information for commercial purposes.
For additional information about the Salt Lake City privacy policy, please click here

Can I enter a service request / report anonymously?

Yes, however, providing contact information is encouraged to allow for quicker follow-up and resolution to the submitted issue. To report anonymously, in the mobile app go to the 'More' Tab and select the 'Settings' Option. In the 'Settings' window, make sure that the "Send Reports Anonymously" checkbox is checked.

Does SLC Mobile  track my location?

Whenever you open and interact with the SLC Mobile app on your mobile device, the location information from your mobile device is used to tailor the experience to your current location. This information is NOT published or shared with others. The app saves that specific location information until the next time you do something in the app, at which time the old location information is deleted from your mobile device and replaced with your most recent location information. Your location data is only shared when you decide to proactively report an issue.