Fun Functionality

SLC Mobile has many added fun functions.  By clicking or dragging your finger over the top left table new tools are presented.  
Here is a list of functions SLC Mobile has available:
1. Service Requests - You can create a new request, see all of your requests and also see all nearby requests.
2. Latest News - See latest news in Salt Lake City.
3. Salt Lake City Job Post - See all current job opening with the city.
4. Pay your Water Bill - You can now pay your water bill right from the app.  Other fines and bills will be added to SLC Mobile for your convenience.
5. Interactive Maps -  All interactive maps will move with you on the trail.  You just need to hit the "Locate button" on the map. Maps available
A. Watershed trail maps.
B. Bike Share.
C. Parking Locations.
D. City Parks.
E. Mountain Bike Trails
F. Sustainability
Take a look at the legend and the layer tab.  See other layers that are available.  You can also change your basemap on all maps.
6. Calendar of Events