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Next Salt Lake City Election:

Election to elect Mayor and City Council Members for Districts 2, 4, and 6

Municipal Primary Election - August 11, 2015

Municipal General Election - November 3, 2015

Notice of Municipal Election 2015

Past Salt Lake City Elections:



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Logic & Accuracy Testing

This is a demonstration test of the automatic tabulation equipment being used for the upcoming election.  Public is invited to observe.
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Disclosures about contributions and expenditures are required by all candidates. Salt Lake City has provided access to each candidate's reports.

Candidate Finance Reports

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Candidates / Prospective Candidates
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Political Committees

What are political committees? 

A group of persons cooperating to aid or promote the success or defeat of a candidate or issue, including the making of donations to a personal campaign committee. "Political committee" does not mean an individual, a personal campaign committee, individuals who are related and who make contributions from a joint checking account, an entity that provides goods or services to a candidate or committee in the regular course of its business at the same price that would be provided to the general public, or a business entity using its own funds, except a business entity whose intended purpose is to act as a political committee.

The "purpose" of a political committee means an act done with intent or in such a way as to influence or tend to influence, directly or indirectly, the nomination or election of a candidate or the passage or defeat of any issue on the ballot at a municipal election.

Political committees must register with the State of Utah and also with Salt Lake City Recorder's Office.

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