Salt Lake City

Purchasing - Certificate of Insurance Instructions


All policies of insurance shall be issued by insurance companies licensed to do business in the state of Utah and either:

(a) Currently rated A- or better by A.M. Best Company; and

(a.1) for construction contracts only, the insurer must also have an A.M. Best Company financial size category rating of not less than VII.


(b) Listed in the United States Treasury Department’s current Listing of Approved Sureties (Department Circular 570), as amended.

Any insurance coverage required herein that is written on a “claims made” form rather than on an “occurrence” form shall (i) provide full prior acts coverage or have a retroactive date effective before the date of the Agreement, and (ii) be maintained for a period of at least three (3) years following the end of the term of this Agreement or contain a comparable “extended discovery” clause. Evidence of current extended discovery coverage and the purchase options available upon policy termination shall be provided to the City.

All required certificates and policies shall provide that coverage thereunder shall not be cancelled or modified without providing, in a manner approved by the City Attorney, *30 days prior written notice to City.

*NOTE: For some policies you will be required to obtain and provide to the City copies of endorsements wherein your insurers agree to provide the City with at least 30-days prior written notice of cancellation or material change of the policies. Please note the following:

Salt Lake City Corporation requires 30-Day Notice of Cancellation

  • This requirement applies to any policy that names Salt Lake City Corporation as Additional Insured (i.e., not required for Workers’ Compensation)
  • Insurance policies will need to be endorsed to provide either “Notice of Cancellation to a Third Party” or “Notice of Material Change to a Third Party.” A copy of the endorsement must be provided in addition to the Certificate of Insurance.
  • A Certificate of Insurance will not alter the terms of the policy. Without the proper endorsement, policies do not provide Notice of Cancellation to third parties.
  • For insurance that is cancelled due to non-payment of premiums, we accept that a 10-day Notice of Cancellation is the industry standard.

Certificates of Insurance must:

  1. have an original or laser generated signature
  2. list Salt Lake City Corporation as “Certificate Holder”. Address is:

Salt Lake City Corporation
Purchasing & Contracts Division
PO BOX 145455
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5455


Workers' compensation and employer’s liability insurance sufficient to cover all of the Contractor's employees pursuant to Utah law, unless a waiver of coverage is allowed and acquired pursuant to Utah law. In the event any work is subcontracted, the Contractor shall require its subcontractor(s) similarly to provide workers' compensation insurance for all of the latter’s employees, unless a waiver of coverage is allowed and acquired pursuant to Utah law.

Commercial general liability insurance with Salt Lake City Corporation as an additional insured on a primary and non-contributory basis in comparison to all other insurance including City's own policy or policies of insurance, in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 general aggregate and $2,000,000 products-completed operations aggregate. These limits can be covered either under a CGL insurance policy alone, or a combination of a CGL insurance policy and an umbrella insurance policy and/or a CGL insurance policy and an excess insurance policy. The policy shall protect City, Contractor, and any subcontractor from claims for damages for personal injury, including accidental death, and from claims for property damage that may arise from the Contractor’s operations, whether performed by the Contractor itself, any subcontractor, or anyone directly or indirectly employed by either of them. Such insurance shall provide coverage for premises operations, acts of independent contractors, products and completed operations.

Commercial automobile liability insurance that provides coverage for owned, hired, and non-owned automobiles, in the minimum amount of a combined single limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence OR $500,000 liability per person, $1,000,000 liability per occurrence, and $250,000 property damage. These limits can be reached either with a commercial automobile liability insurance policy alone, or with a combination of a commercial automobile liability insurance policy and an umbrella insurance policy and/or a commercial automobile liability insurance policy and an excess insurance policy.